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Now every day can be a "Sno Day"...

Jimmy Sno Concessions is back after surviving Hurricane Irma, and better than ever!
Now everyday can be a “Sno Day” with Jimmy Sno Concessions, a mobile vendor in the Florida Keys specializing in Shaved Ice, Ice Cream, Gourmet Kettle Popcorn, and other assorted treats. Our goal is to bring refreshing treats to locals and visitors of the Florida Keys!

Come down and beat the heat with an ice-cold treat - Jimmy’s Shaved Ice is available in more than 20 flavors and combinations. Add toppings, sweetened condensed milk, and a scoop of ice cream to make it "Jimmy Sno" Style. If sugar is not your deal, we have multiple sugar free flavor options.

Jimmy Sno features gourmet kettle popcorn and hotdogs for a taste bud treat. Try the "Spicy Slaw Dog" or the "Not-Yo Nacho Dog" and fill up by making it a combo meal.

Please keep in mind that Jimmy Sno Concessions is a mobile vendor, emphasis on mobile because we will come to you! We will set up a “Sno Day” at your place of business or summer camp. You can even have a private “Sno Day” with Jimmy Sno, we are available for private parties - Birthdays, Graduations, Baby Showers, Backyard Barbecues - whatever the occasion!! Contact Team Jimmy Sno at [email protected] or call (786) 584-7640 to book us for your Special Event.

Because Jimmy Sno is on the move, our hours of operation and location will vary, so please like/follow us on social media to stay up-to-date. To join the SnoBook club, like us on Facebook, follow us on Instagram and get InstaCool, and Tweet for Treats on Twitter. Also servicing the Alabama Gulf Coast, Savannah, GA, Charleston and Hilton Head Island, SC. Give us a call now!

Our Story Began In The 80s...

Our story starts in the 80's when my Grandfather James "Jim" McNairy bartered for a used snow cone machine in exchange for handyman work. He handcrafted a stand for the machine, which eventually grew to include space for over 30 flavors, a full sized popcorn machine, and even a motor to move the machine from his storage area. He gave the machine to my aunt Tonya who was 8 years old at the time to teach her to be an Entrepreneur. "Jim’s Sno Kone" opened for business in St. Louis, Missouri in 1981. With help from my grandmother Maudie, Jim’s Sno Kone quickly became the place to find "The Best Snow Cones in Town" which was also their tag line. Jim’s Sno Kone stand remained in business until 1997, the summer before his passing.
I remember those hot St. Louis summer's as a kid. I could not wait for baseball practice to be over because my mom would always drive me to my grandparent’s house for a snow cone to cool off. As I got older, my grandfather invited me to work at the snow cone stand with him. I would help him out and do whatever he needed. I guess you could say working at the snow cone stand was my first job. What I appreciate the most is how the snow cone stand brought the community together. People from all over the St. Louis metropolitan area and the neighboring state of Illinois would buy those cold treats.
In the winter of 2014, my Grandmother visited the Florida Keys, and mentioned the idea of bringing shaved ice to the islands! With her blessings, I formed a team including my wife Charmel and long-time friends Marlon and Ashonté. Together, with Jim’s Sno Kone in mind we named our business "Jimmy Sno Concessions" in honor of my Grandfather Jim! Our tag line is "Make today a Sno Day!"
I will never forget the experiences I gained and relationships I formed from being around my grandfather’s snow cone stand. Serving the community was the most important asset of his business, a tradition that will carry over to Jimmy Sno Concessions. Our goal is to bring refreshing cold treats to the locals & visitors of the Florida Keys with customer service as our top priority. Come on out and "Make today a Sno day!"

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